DR. Frank Ertl

Tunneling FET


Vertical field effect transistors (FET) with embedded tunneling barriers are subject of this research project.

Typical sample structure

Typical measurement trace

Further information


  • Anisotrope Quanten-Hall-Systeme, Vertikale Ultrakurzkanal- und Tunnel-Transistoren
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    in: Selected Topics of Semiconductor Physics and Technology, Vol. 82, eds.: G. Abstreiter, M.-C. Amann, M. Stutzmann, and P. Vogl, Printy Digitaldruck München, ISBN 3-932749-82-0
    [download abstract pdf (41kB)] [thesis german]
  • Resonantes Tunneln durch gekoppelte Quantendrähte zwischen zweidimensionalen Elektronengasen
    S. Roth, MSc Thesis, Walter Schottky Institute, (2003).
    [download abstract pdf (87 kB)] [thesis german]

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